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Hi, I'm Mjattie (mathijs wiermans). I've been playing music for over 9 years and composing music for over 4 years. Have a look... Also, visit my official myspace: www.myspace.com/mjat tie follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/mjat tie

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my top-5's

Posted by mjattie - May 4th, 2010

I wanted to share my personal taste with newgrounds. NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER. I hope I didn't forget something xD

Best Ambient and Glitch songs by newgrounds:
1: Ellipse - broove
2: Tracing Back - Reasoner
3: Landslide - Cayler
4: 18th of December - liquidecstacy
5: KAIZ - Evening (can't find the link...)

Best Ambient and Glitch songs by everyone else:
1: The Internal Locus - BT
2: The Antikythera Mechanism - BT
3: Absolute Space (Jazzanova Mix) - Koop
4: Summer 78 - Yann Tiersen
5: 1.618 - BT

Best Ambient and Glitch songs by me
1: Inevitable Chord
2: Erroneous Glitch
3: Losing Grip
4: Piano Echoes
5: Trembling

Best Trance/House/Dance songs by newgrounds
1: Cosmos - Xkore
2: Mechanical Planet - Syntheza
3: Feels Like Meh - BrokenCrossfader
4: Imagination - Envy
5: Pyramid - Cerrie

Best Trance/House/Dance songs by everyone else
1: Driving to Heaven (Mat Zo Remix) - Tiësto
2: Bend It Like You Don't Care - Tiësto
3: Summerfish (Tiësto Remix) - Leonid Rudenko
4: Dancing Water (Tiësto remix) - Jedidja
5: In and out of love - Armin van Buuren

Best Trance/House/Dance songs by me
1: Out of Control
2: Wounded Love (with vocs of Hania)
3: Electric
4: I Was Just Wondering
5: Completely Satisfied

Best Dnb and Dubstep songs by newgrounds
1: Sonic Colours - Stan-SB
2: Trekkin' - Syntheza
3: Hressing - Monodisc & Arkanoize
4: Airforce Rampage
5: Psilocybin - axeFX

Best Dnb and Dubstep songs by everyone else
1: This Way - Nero
2: Stompbox - The Qemists
3: Invaders must Die - The Prodigy
4: Slam - Pendulum
5: Porcelain - Black Sun Empire

Best Dnb and Dubstep songs by me
(hmm... I'm not really good at making it :P)
1: Invincibility
2: Epic Survival
3: Afterglow [More-Glow-Mix] - FlamingFirebolt
4: Happiness Ahead
5: Chillout DnB

tell me what you think.

Btw: I've bought an Edirol PCR-500 MIDI-Keyboard and a Macbook pro 13 inch :D:D:D::D

my top-5's

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aw, I'm going to get the PCR-500 myself soon! Brilliant little tool, got to use it once in action.

Good picks also!


yea I'm sorry that you're not on my list, but that's mainly because I've not chosen your genre (yet). If I'd add classical or film music to the list, you'll certainly be on it :P

Why am i not on that list..
Wait that means.. :'(

yea, I know

Thanks so much for posting this up! I've been needing some new music! <3

hey! You're welcome :D

We actually have a very common interest in music! I liked a lot of the music on this list. Most of it's on my iPod now! :D You have very good tastes, sir. x3

yay :D that's very cool!

Crap, I missed your birthday, too! D=
But here's wishing you a good one anyways.

hey thanks :D I think I missed yours too :P

Just so you know, I burned WTF House to a cd and I listen to that in the car. Thought you might find that interesting ;)

hey that's nice xD thanks :)

I always like to hear that! xd