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nice man ;)

I love the effects in there, and the music fits great. Really good job! The story is a bit hard to follow, like zero123music said, but nonetheless, 5/5, 10/10 ;) I don't mind the preloader. It looks great, that's enough for me.


Fate responds:

:D Thanks.
Yeah, I'm starting to feel that it must've been difficult to follow.

Obviously, to me, I know what's going on, so I don't realise.
But I've put as much effort into the third one as i can to make sure this doesn't happen again.
Thanks for the review.


I don't know much about flash, but it looks smooth and sounds great :) I like the way you drew it.

5/5, 10/10

Gr Mjattie ;)

Fate responds:

You're lucky I know you spend so much time in the audio portal, otherwise I would criticize your lack of knowledge in the flash section :P
Thanks for actually reviewing it.
I hadn't been expecting it.
PS, my favourite song of yours is Piano echoes.
just to prove that I actually listen :P


XD, well animating is good I guess... But music is AWESOME, it flows just right into the next chapter. Very good work!


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this is tooooo addicting XD

I got 841383 ft. with the tank, ak-47 and 4 nukes... OMG thanks for making this.

5/5, 10/10


people keep saing 6000 ft is too hard

But I didn't think it was hard. I managed it (with all the upgrades) in just one day!

My tactic was to go high with the rocket and then choose the angel where the resistance is 0%. Worked very good for me

About the game itself: it's very nice man! Reminds me a bit of hedgehog launch XD

5/5, 10/10


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Let's get started.

I like what you did. The melodies are nice and gentle, the mixing is good and the overal composition isnice too.

Although you're using kinda unrealistic samples, another reason why this maybe sounds a bit unrealistic is because the brass in the background is a lot softer than (for instance) the flute solo, which would be kinda impossible when performed with a real orchestra. Because the timbre of the brass is really sharp (which means they play loud) they should be loud too in the mix. But in a video game context, this wouldn't matter that much.

Those trumpets in the end are a bit too loud though, you can hear that the samples aren't really that good.

Other than that, good job

4/5, 8/10

stunkel responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked what I did! And yeah, I never actually thought about how the brass is too soft... In reality that wouldn't work out or make any sense. But that is some interesting insight, I never thought about that.

Thanks for the review!

I like the fast piano-ish melody near the end

Welcome on NG, the beginning is quite ugly because it's just a simple synth playing notes which seem random at the beginning. I'd start the song with something else. The fact that the melody is played as an after beat brings a nice effect when you put in the beat. The beat is nice, bass is a bit old school and really not my taste (esspecially because the bass plays afterbeat). What I would like more would be that the bass would just play long notes and would be sidechained with the kick. The song itself progresses to something which is quite nice though.

I kinda disagree with magnetic-memories. This is much better than most of the crap which is sent to NG but it's not like "Wow, very good".

Btw, the voting system on newgrounds is really random and strange, most of the time, the crap reaches the top-5 and best of all time. So if you want some great tracks you'd better check the forums, some contests have some really good submissions.

But, you've got something with potential, keep it up!

7/10, 4/5

MW-audio (Mjattie)

Everlist responds:

Cheers for the review mate! Part of the problem here is probably the fact that i uploaded an unfinished track because currently the song sounds allot different compared to the track i have uploaded here.
It has a New intro with drums and fx ect..
I'm addicted to using offbeat basslines, i think its partly because i love Niche and they have that sort of sound.

And its also funny you mentioned the side-chaining because that's exactly what i have done 2minutes into the track for the second bridge.

But yeah, a much more helpfull review than Magnetic-Memories.


This is

Nice! I'd never expected this when I clicked on this, I think you put the melody in such another way that it became a totally different song, still with the same melody!

Though I think the song is lacking some bass in the fast bits of the song.

the part I enjoy most is from 0:46 to 1:55. I feel the chords in the fast bit (1:56 to 3:21) makes it a bit too happy. You bring the wonderfull atmosphere back from 3:22 to the end, I just feel the bit from 1:56 to 3:21 is a bit out of place, but not enough to effect my score.

I really like the sound of the rock-ish drums (0:24 to 1:07) and I like the kick there esspecially, it melds great with the bass.

You've done a great job and kept my attention

5/5, 10/10, download

Azoic responds:

Wow, I was never expecting this review! :)

It does go from a melancholic chilled vibe to upbeat in the space of a bar. Perhaps to the detriment of the song. I just wanted it to 'kick in' but didn't want it to go the dark route I guess.

The lack of bassyness maybe due to that I'm still learning the 'mixdown & master' part of it all. Or perhaps you mean a decent bassline which I suppose it does lack.

Anyway, this is a great read. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Appreciated!

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grocery store with only pet food :O

nice.. :P

comicretard responds:

Yeah... well, the murderer catches you alone. And he just happened to be in the pet food section.


Really nicely done, not much else to say.



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